Top ten Sympathy gift ideas

Losing a loved one is a difficult moment and it is often difficult for others to find a way to express their sympathy. It is hard to approach those who are grieving, regardless of how well your words are thought out. In many cases it is beneficial to present a sympathy gift to show you are thinking of the deceased as well as their loved ones. Sympathy gifts should be something that is meaningful to the recipient and represents their loved one. Here are a few ideas for unique sympathy gifts.

Stepping Stones

A stepping stone are thoughtful sympathy gift ideas for loss of mother, especially for those who enjoy spending time in their garden or for the child of a gardener. Stepping stones, such as those from Those We Love, come in a range of sizes, styles and with a variety of lovely quotes or sayings. They can also be personalized specifically for the loved one who has passed away.

Keepsake Picture Frame
Pictures are wonderful mementos and having a special frame to hold the picture is even more wonderful. A keepsake picture frame such as the Memorial Angel Keepsake Picture Frame is an ideal sympathy gift for anyone of any age. To make the gift more personalized, consider including a special photo in the frame. For example, for sympathy gift ideas for loss of father consider including a forgotten photo of the father as a young man.

In Loving Memory of My Dad Expandable Triple Wire Adjustable Bracelet Made in the USA

The loss of a father is devastating for any child. Giving a gift of jewelry allows the child to wear something in the memory of their father. For example, the loving memory expandable bracelet can be worn by daughters of any age. Other jewelry ideas may include a locket with a photo of the deceased parent.

Sympathy Gift Baskets
It is common to send flowers to those who have lost a loved one. Consider sending a gift basket instead. The gift basket could be custom made to include a variety of items, such as snacks to eat when the person grieving does not feel like eating a large meal or it could include personal items, such as a photo frame, notecards and other small useful items.

Searching for a sympathy gift for someone who has lost a child is extremely difficult and sorrowful. One of the most touching gifts for the loved one of a deceased child is angels. For example, the Pavilion Gift Company has a touching statue of an angel releasing doves. The statue is 9-inches in height, so it can easily be displayed on a night table or mantle.

Teddy Bear
Small children who lose a loved one are often confused and feel alone, the bereavement bear by Gund is an ideal way to show the child you are thinking of them and to give them something to cuddle when feeling confused.

Memorial Light
If you want to show your sympathy with a gift, but aren’t sure what type of gift would provide the most comfort, consider a grave memorial light. The memorial light can be placed at the gravesite and the eternity light will stay lit for six months before the batteries need changed.


Planting a tree for a deceased loved one is a popular way for their memory to live on. Gift Tree has a range of tree options for sympathy gift ideas for men. Any of the trees available can be planted as a memory tree, including the Dawn Redwood, which is a rare redwood that grows quickly.

This tree planted�Urn w/ Marble Oval
To make the gift of a tree even more special, consider giving an urn to be placed in front of the tree. This Tree Planted Urn can be personalized with the deceased name and placed directly in front of the growing Redwood.

When sending a sympathy gift, it does not have to be associated with the loss. You are free to send a gift to those grieving at any time, even months after the funeral. In fact, many people rush to send cards and gifts during the initial stage of bereavement and then they fade away. Show the person grieving that they are in thoughts even several months after the funeral by sending a card or gift long after the flowers have wilted and the cards have been read.