Top Ten Best Baby Shower Gift ideas

Part of the point of a baby shower is to give gifts. So there will be a myriad of homemade baby shower gift ideas, baby shower gift ideas for boys and for girls, DIY baby shower gift ideas and even baby shower gift ideas for guests that you could possibly choose from. It all depends on who is having the baby and what their interests are and what they really want for their baby. However, there are some baby shower gifts that every mother and father usually want in some way. Below are the top ten baby shower gift ideas out there.

Baby Aspen Five Little Monkeys Gift Set

Gift sets with toys are always good for a baby shower gift idea, but this five little monkey gift set from baby aspen is one of the cutest and more complete ones you can give. It will undoubtedly get a lot of use once the baby is born for the first year if not many years in the future.

Johnson Bath Time Essentials

Bathing and caring for a baby is ket during the first few months a baby is in a couple’s lives, so having plenty of gentle and high quality soaps and other bth time supplies will be critical. Giving this bath time essentials set will help them to have plenty of bathing supplies.

Wilton Diaper Cake Kit

Diapers are going to be one of the most important new elements in a young couple who just had a baby’s lives. They are expensive and always necessary for that first few years, so this diaper cake, which is a strangely appetizing way to phrase a tower of rolled up cloth diapers, are an ideal way to supply them with something they will need constantly in the future, as well as save them money on actually buying diapers. Plus, they are cloth so they will help the environment.

Hudson Baby Clothing Collection, 6 piece for 0-3 months

Clothes are critical for babies and they are often considered a general waste of money because they are only worn a few times, since the baby will quickly grow out of them. So by giving this 6 piece baby clothing collection for the first 3 months of their lives, you will be contributing a couple outfits and saving them money in the future on baby clothes that will hardly be worn.

Infant Complete Nursery Care Kit

For all the small medical needs that may need to be taken care of for a baby, this infant complete nursery care kit will be a great addition to the nursery. It’s more of a just in case situation, but it could be a parent’s best ally in a situation where the baby really needs something out of it for their comfort or immediate health.

Oh the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss

A great book to read to a baby while they are in the womb or while they are an infant, toddler and little kid. In short, this Dr. Seuss classic will be a gift that will last for decades on your shelf and in the mind of you and your child.

Baby Aspen 3 Pairs of Socks Gift Set

Socks are another critical part of a baby’s wardrobe as it protects their feet and toes and keeps them warm. Get three pairs of socks to add to the pile of socks they will need, though these are especially durable and will last longer than just those first few months, or at least until the baby grows out of them.

Pocket Nanny Baby Care Timer

Keeping scheduled with a baby is very important, as they will need to be changed, fed and put down for naps on schedule on a daily basis. While a parent will learn this, having a timer that will keep them from forgetting is incredibly helpful, as it will free their already addled minds up to do other things in between these benchmarks each day.

Baby Aspen Terry Shark Robe

This adorable robe is perfect for a baby after a bath and will be a favorite of parents, especially for adorable pictures to be shared and kept in the future. Once the baby outgrows it, it can be kept for the next child or sold to a baby clothing store, where it will probably fetch top dollar.

BabyPro Moustache Pacifier

The pacifier will be a baby and parent’s best friend, so getting a cute, hipster style pacifier will be a great way to add a little humor and style to this important element to a baby’s satisfacton.