Top 10 Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation is an exciting time that signifies a lasting achievement in a young graduate’s life as they progress on their life journey. To commemorate this achievement, gifts are typically given to congratulate the graduate on a job well done! However, a graduation gift is not the easiest gift to give since an appreciated gift will depend on the graduate’s various likes or dislikes. Whether you need high school graduation gift ideas, college graduation gift ideas, or just graduation gift ideas for friends, this list of the top 10 graduation gift ideas is here to help!

10. Financial Planning For Your First Job: A Comprehensive Financial Planning Guide (3rd Edition)

Any graduate will need the tools to manage their money well and take charge of their finances! This book will put graduates on the path toward creating a successful financial plan. This is also one of the best inexpensive graduation gift ideas, which is all too fitting given that this gift centers around managing finances!

9. CliffsNotes Graduation Debt: How to Manage Student Loans and Live Your Life

Talk to any recent college graduate and they will bemoan the fact that student loans have gotten out of hand! This essential book will help recent graduates tackle the problem head on and get their loans under control as quickly as possible.

8. The Absolute Beginner’s Cookbook: or, How Long Do I Cook a 3-Minute Egg?

For the graduate that is in dire need of cooking help and wishes to learn, this book is indispensable. Packed with fun illustrations throughout, this book is an easy way to transition into cooking and learning the enjoyment that comes along with it!

7. Bracketron Stone GreenZero Wall Travel Charger

For the recent graduate that’s going green, this wall charger is one of the best graduation gift ideas. Easily portable, this green-friendly charger will instantly turn off once a device has been fully charged. Efficient and eco-friendly, this gift is a no-brainer for environmentally friendly graduates!

6. The Naked Roommate: And 107 Other Issues You Might Run Into in College

For the recent high school graduate, it is advisable to prepare him or her for the adventures that await in college! This bestselling book is an essential advice book for dorm and college life. Your favorite high school graduate will thank you later!

5. Smarty Graduation Teddy Bear Plush Gift

The graduate that has not quite outgrown sleeping with their teddy bear will appreciate this sentimental gift! This lovely graduation themed bear will fit perfect with his or her teddy bear mainstay, Mr. Snuggles. In the meantime, just pretend that their teddy bear fixation is “just a phase!”

4. 5: Where Will You Be Five Years from Today?

This book is a must-read for the goal-oriented graduate. This timeless book informs the reader that they are the heroic figure of their own life story and this will inspire them to pursue excellence in the years ahead.

3. Dream Believe Achieve Bracelet

The graduate that appreciates jewelry and inspirational messages will be happy to receive this lovely bracelet. The bracelet comes with a poem that explains the three words on the bracelet, and the graduate will remember the exciting future that lies ahead of them every time that they see the bracelet! This bracelet is also one of many creative graduation gift ideas that will be much appreciated by the recipient. Further, for those with daughters, this is one of the best college graduation gift ideas for her!

2. Australian Tea Tree with Cocoa Butter and Tree Leaves (Face and Body Soap)

When searching for a product that evokes the feel of homemade graduation gift ideas, consider this incredibly luxurious and handcrafted soap! These bars of soap are handmade, so graduates will rest easy knowing that their luxurious bath soap is of the highest quality to help take away from the years of academic stress!

1. Those Who Wander Pocket Compass

Graduation will take the recent graduate on an incredible journey. Often, this journey will lead far away from friends and family. This sentimental compass will remind them that “not all who wander are lost.” Graduates will appreciate this gift!

These graduation gift ideas are sure to contain something for everyone, and no college graduate will regret receiving any of these incredibly thoughtful gifts. With that said, be sure to check out this list and make your favorite graduate’s day!