Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

If you look at the ads right before Father’s Day, you’d think all the dads in the world do is grill and build things. Tools and barbecues, that’s about the extent of the gift suggestions for dad’s special day. While most dads may have a passing acquaintance with tools and grilling, they’re much more than just that. Each man is an individual, and his gifts should be chosen with that in mind.

Kindle Fire

If you’re looking for unique father’s day gift ideas, choose one that allows dad to personalize it exactly the way he likes. This version of the Kindle Fire is the most affordable, yet it allows dad to watch his favorite television shows when the rest of the family is using the TV, download apps and games for his spare time, check his Facebook page (yes, he has one), and keep in touch with family using Skype.

Guitar Pick Maker

If you’re looking for homemade father’s day gift ideas for the musical dad. get yourself a Guitar Pick-a-Palooza and create a collection of personalized guitar or bass picks. This specialized punch allows you to cut out smooth and uniform guitar picks from old credit cards, hotel room key cards, drivers licenses, fast food gift cards, or any other pliable plastic.

Kona Coffee Gift Sets

For the dad who likes really good coffee, one of the best father’s day gifts you can give is a selection of really good beans from some exotic land. Kona coffee is known worldwide as a smooth and clear bean, and this gift set proves its versatility by offering it in three different roasts. From breakfast light to after-dinner dark, he’ll love his father’s day coffee gift.

Father’s Day Crafts Book

This book is filled with father’s day gift ideas for kids, offering crafts from desk decorations to special drink coasters, all designed to be made by children 8 and older. Younger brothers and sisters may be able to help, making this a project that the whole family can join in.

Handy Dad: 25 Awesome Projects for Dads and Kids

If the dad in your family is one who loves to get creative building things with the kids, this is the perfect fathers day crafts book. It is filled with ideas for family projects such as BMX tracks, zip lines, go-carts, and tire swings. Full directions for each project, lots of photographs, and tons of fun for the entire summer.

White Cotton Caps for Crafting

Lots of dads love to wear baseball caps just about all the time. If you live with one of them, father’s day craft ideas should be a natural for you and the kids to make. A collection of white cotton caps are the perfect canvas for permanent markers and your children’s creative energy. Give the dad in your life a collection of personalized caps.

My First Father’s Day Personalized Photo Album

There’s only one first father’s day in each man’s life. Celebrate it in style with this engraved wooden personalized photo album, designed to hold pictures of dad and baby’s first father’s day together. Print out pictures and fill them that day, or add photos to the album throughout baby’s first year.

Best. Dad. Ever. T-Shirt

When it comes to father’s day gift ideas from kids, this shirt says it all. All the hugs and horsey rides, all the rocking and all the running. Dads fill a special place in a kid’s heart, and the dad in your life is a special one. Let him know you all feel this way by giving him this classic shirt.

Whiskey Stones

When dad wants to relax at the end of the day with a drink, he doesn’t want melting ice diluting the taste of his whiskey. Enter whiskey stones. These carved soapstone cubes can be chilled in the freezer for a couple of hours. Dropped in a drink, they’ll keep it cold for a nice, long evening. The stones are non-porous, yet naturally soft so they won’t scratch delicate crystal glasses.

Car Hardware Tool Kit

Emergencies happen all the time, and dad’s car is no stranger to breakdowns. This handy little tool kit has a flashlight headlight and working wheels, and it’s filled with sockets, pliers, screwdrivers, and Allen wrenches. Have dad keep it under his seat for on-the-road emergencies.